Anteros’ new banger ‘Bonnie’ has arrived! 

Listen here: https://anteros.lnk.to/Bonnie


The newest single, ‘Strangers,’ from The Ramona Flowers is out now! 

Listen: https://TheRamonaFlowers.lnk.to/strangers
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jStUaXaGs8


‘Maybe It’s Easy’ EP got 5 stars from DIY! Listen to Bloody Knees’ masterpiece here

The Ninth Wave’s new video for ‘Liars’ is a testament to the line they blur between music and performance art. Watch it now!

YES Bloody Knees! the video for ‘Maybe It’s Easy’ is here!

Bring it back to the 90′s with Holy Oysters’ video for ‘Methylene Blue’ from their new EP, ‘Egonomy’! Buy ‘Egonomy’ here: https://HolyOysters.lnk.to/EgonomyEP


The Ninth Wave’s debut EP has hit the digital shelves! Listen here


Holy Oysters’ ‘Egonomy’ EP is OUT NOW!

Check it out here: https://HolyOysters.lnk.to/EgonomyEP


Bloody Knees’ newest single ‘Maybe It’s Easy’ is out now!

Listen: https://BloodyKnees.lnk.to/MybeItsEasy

Pre-order ‘Maybe It’s Easy’ EP here: https://BloodyKnees.lnk.to/MaybeItsEasyEP


The Demob Happy remix of The Ninth Wave’s ‘Reformation’ is OUT! Listen now

Pre-order the ‘Reformation’ EP here

Check out Bloody Knees’ new video for ‘Not Done’!

Stream & Download ‘Not Done’ here: https://bloodyknees.lnk.to/NotDone


Bloody Knees’ new single ‘Not Done’ is out now!

Stream & Download here: https://bloodyknees.lnk.to/NotDone