Holy Oysters amazing new video for ‘Just So You Know’.

Stream & download here: https://holyoysters.lnk.to/JSYK
Pre-order Egonomy EP here: https://holyoysters.lnk.to/EgonomyEP


The brand new EP by The Ramona Flowers is out now!

and it features a great LUXXURY remix…

Dig in: https://TheRamonaFlowers.lnk.to/MagnifyEP


Debut single ‘REFORMATION’ from THE NINTH WAVE has arrived!

DOWNLOAD AND STREAM HERE: https://theninthwave.lnk.to/Reformation

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Holy Oysters’ new single “Just So You Know” from their “Egonomy” EP is OUT NOW!


Stream/download here and pre-order Egonomy EP right here!

The Ramona Flowers’ video for ‘If You Remember’ featuring Brian Blessed is ready for you to feast your eyes on!

Listen/buy ‘If You Remember’ here: https://theramonaflowers.lnk.to/IfYouRemember

and pre-order ‘Magnify’ EP here: https://theramonaflowers.lnk.to/MagnifyEP

 Holy Oysters’ new track ‘Fire Dancing’ from their upcoming EP 'Egonomy’ is out NOW!

🔥🔥 https://HolyOysters.lnk.to/FireDancing 🔥🔥

Pre-order 'Egonomy’ here: https://HolyOysters.lnk.to/EgonomyEP

The amazing video for Starling’s “Yellow Shoeshine” is out now! Take a gander!


The Ramona Flowers newest single “If You Remember” has hit the digital shelves!

Get “If You Remember” now: https://theramonaflowers.lnk.to/IfYouRemember

Slowes’ brand new video of single, ‘U’! 


Debut EP from the incredible Danish Duo, Slowes

Grab your copy now! https://slowes.lnk.to/TimesEP

Watch Slowes’ new video for ‘Anymore’

Stream & Download ‘Anymore’ here: https://Slowes.lnk.to/Anymore 

New video by Starling out now!

‘In the Dark’ is taken from Starling’s new EP ‘The Body’